Steven Radowitz

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Steven Radowitz, MD

Steven Radowitz, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Radowitz has a wealth of experience seeing the effects trauma can have on our physical health firsthand. He joined Nushama to oversee and develop treatment modalities, believing psychedelics are the future of mental wellness as current solutions treat symptoms, not underlying issues.

Dr. Radowitz also runs the primary care program at Goldman Sachs and has practiced internal medicine and primary care since 1998. Originally from Montreal, he completed his M.D. at Chicago Medical School. He worked at St. Vincent’s in general medicine and HIV/AIDS units and was Medical Director of the inpatient alcohol and opiate detox and treatment unit.

Dr. Radowitz’s focus is preventive medicine, getting to the underlying source before it manifests as “dis-ease,” a misalignment of mind, body, and spirit. He believes psychedelics are a powerful tool to discover the origin of imbalance. On a spiritual journey with Kabbalah, he also studies meditation and yoga. At Nushama, he leads one of the most experienced teams in psychedelic medicine.