Psychedelic Therapy: Individual versus Group Sessions

If you’re considering psychedelic therapy, then set and setting cannot be overstated. Your environment and state of mind is so important to the quality of your psychedelic trip. And there are a number of factors to consider. One, in particular, is whether to take the psychedelics on your own or as part of a group.

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What is Ego Dissolution and Is It Helpful?

"Ego dissolution” (or "ego death") is the temporarily diminished sense of self that is often experienced on psychedelics. The feeling is usually captured by statements like “I felt at one with the universe” or “I lost all sense of myself”. Ego dissolution can help users incorporate less ego and more soul into their daily lives.

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The History of Psychedelic Visual Arts

Art inspired by psychedelic experiences rose to prominence in the late 1960s counterculture. It impacted the design of concert posters and album covers, influenced the world of advertising, and has affected our memories of the era today. Many assume that psychedelic art is a recent phenomenon, but it’s actually been around for a very long time.

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Why Sensory Deprivation Techniques May Enhance Psychedelic Treatment

Set and setting are important to the psychedelic experience. Sensory deprivation techniques are used in therapeutic settings to make it easier to have such an experience.

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How to Continue Integration After Psychedelic Treatment

You've probably heard that integration is an essential part of psychedelic therapy. As psychotherapist Jane Garnett says, “Integration takes real time and is likely to be bumpy.” Below are some common methods that can help you integrate your psychedelic experience post-treatment.

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Nushama Featured by Lucid News on Navigating New York City’s Ketamine Clinics

“Navigating New York City’s Ketamine Clinics” was published November 24, 2021 on Lucid News. A big thank you to Sophie Saint Thomas, Ken Jordan, and Faye Sakellaridis for this feature!

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What is Off-Label Use of Ketamine?

Ketamine was first synthesized in 1962, and approved by the FDA in 1970 for use as an anesthetic. You may have heard that ketamine is sometimes also prescribed off-label in the treatment of mental health disorders like anxiety or depression. But what does “off-label” mean? Read on to find out.

Why IV Ketamine Is The Most Effective Method For Psychedelic Treatment

Why IV Ketamine Is The Most Effective Method For Psychedelic Treatment

There are four unique methods of administration for ketamine during psychedelic therapy. These include intravenous infusion (IV), intramuscular injection (IM), lozenges and intranasal spray. IV infusion holds the distinction of being the most effective, safe, and well-researched method. Let's take a look at why.