3 Easy Integration Practices

After a ketamine journey, integration becomes the key to grounding and extending the insights and shifts experienced – it’s a way to weave the profound changes into the fabric of your daily life.
Today, we’re exploring three essential techniques to aid this process: breathwork, journaling, and mindful movement. These practices bridge your transformative experiences and everyday lifestyle, helping to anchor new perspectives and growth.

3 Simple, Effective Integration Techniques

Breathwork: Reconnect Whenever, Wherever.

Breathwork is a powerful tool for emotional regulation and reconnection with oneself, and it’s especially helpful as an alternative to meditation for those who find it difficult to simply sit still and, well, meditate. Here are three of our favorite techniques to help you find balance and presence:

  1. Box Breathing: Inhale for four counts, hold for four counts, exhale for four counts, and hold again for four counts. This technique can reduce stress and improve concentration.
  2. The Physiological Sigh: Two short inhales followed by a long exhale. The key is to exaggerate the exhale. It’s particularly effective in down-regulating the nervous system and returning to calm.
  3. 4-7-8 Breathing: Inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, and exhale slowly for eight seconds. Tip: this technique is very beneficial for falling asleep.

Journaling: Reflect, Process, Grow.

Journaling provides a private space for reflection, allowing you to navigate your thoughts and emotions. Journaling doesn’t have to take the form of sitting with a pen and paper—if you’re a commuter, you can speak into a journal app (or your notes). The key here is to create a 10-15-minute space regularly to reflect upon anything swirling around in your mind and support your continued growth with thoughtful prompts.

Here are some prompts to guide your daily introspection (focusing on just one each time is plenty!):

↠ What feelings or thoughts arose today (or yesterday) that surprised me?
↠ What was a challenge I experienced today (or yesterday)? Am I proud of how I handled it, or is there something I would change?
↠ What are three things I feel grateful for today?
↠ What is one thing I would like to forgive myself for? What is one thing I would like to forgive (a close loved one) for? What does forgiveness look like in these situations?

Mindful Movement: Attune and Ground.

Engaging in mindful movement practices can significantly enhance your connection to self and aid integration by aligning body and mind – we recommend yoga or mindful walking.

Yoga: National Institutes of Health research indicates yoga can decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD, making it a valuable practice for post-journey integration and continued intropection. Yoga promotes mindfulness, grounding, and presence, and creates a “safe space” on the mat to reconnect with yourself amid daily life.

Mindful Walking: Walking with attention to each step and breath can transform a routine activity into a meditative practice. Frontiers studies show mindful walking reduces stress, enhances mood, and even improves cognitive function and focus.

While breathwork, journaling, and mindful movement are foundational, many other techniques can support your integration process. Additional practices such as creating art (music, painting, pottery, etc.), participating in group integration circles (free weekly for Nushama members!), and immersing yourself in insightful podcasts or books are just a few ways to continue your journey of self-discovery and healing—you can read more about these here.

Integration is a personal and dynamic process. The practices outlined here are starting points—invitations to deepen your journey into healing and self-awareness. As you explore these techniques, remember that integration is ongoing. It’s about continually bringing the insights and growth from your ketamine experiences into your life, enhancing your connection to self and the world around you.


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