Nushama Featured in Oprah Daily: A User’s Guide to Therapeutic Psychedelics

Oprah Daily Users Guide to Psychedelics

Recent Feature: Oprah Daily

We’re incredibly honored and excited that Nushama was featured in Oprah Daily’s recent in-depth cover story, A User’s Guide to Therapeutic Psychedelics, exploring the current state of psychedelics for mental health treatment. The piece provides an insightful and balanced look at the rise of psychedelic-assisted therapy and the most commonly used mind-altering substances.

In the comprehensive piece, writer Elizabeth Brody breaks down everything from ketamine and psilocybin to MDMA, ayahuasca, and the controversial ibogaine. She blends the latest research with powerful personal anecdotes of people’s journeys with these medicines for conditions like PTSD, depression, addiction, and trauma.


Ketamine Therapy at Nushama

The section on ketamine therapy features our very own Chief Medical Officer Dr. Steven Radowitz and integration therapist Anisa Stechert. Anisa came to Nushama for ketamine therapy last year to process religious and cultural trauma. She recounted one profound experience where she was immobilized, wrapped like a mummy, until the integration work helped her realize she had been trapped by her marriage and societal expectations.

It’s not just the 45 minutes in the chair,” Anisa said of ketamine therapy. “It’s what you do in between sessions with that newfound neuroplasticity.”

The article emphasizes the importance of pursuing psychedelic treatment only through legitimate, ethical clinics with proper safeguards in place. In the case of ketamine, our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Steven Radowitz stressed that while ketamine can be addictive when misused recreationally, “typically, that doesn’t happen in a clinic or therapeutic setting” with medical supervision.

At Nushama, we are committed to providing safe ketamine therapy with rigorous screening, preparation, and integration protocols to ensure the highest standards of safety and professional care. You can learn more about our approach here.

Brody’s comprehensive piece dives into how each psychedelic substance works in the brain, potential risks, legal statuses, and advice on finding qualified guides. From psilocybin’s ability to provide a neurological “re-set” for treatment-resistant depression, to MDMA’s profound kindling of self-compassion for facing trauma, to the shocking yet promising results of ibogaine for opioid addiction – the article covers this psychedelic renaissance happening in modern medicine with nuance and credible expertise.

We encourage you to click here to read the full Oprah Daily article and gain a deeper understanding of the vital role psychedelics could play in transforming our approach to mental health care. As a ketamine clinic, we’re honored to be part of this important conversation.


Discover What Psychedelic Medicine Can Do for You

To transcend depression, anxiety, alcohol use disorders, and trauma-induced mood disorders, Nushama offers IV ketamine for an ego-dissolving psychedelic experience. A holistic path of mindful intention setting, ketamine journeys, and thoughtful integration in safe, healing-focused settings empower members to reset and reconnect.

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