Ketamine Research: Exploring Effects & Experiences of Ketamine in Group Couples Therapy

ketamine in couples therapy

A new study investigates the impact of combining a “relational dose” of ketamine with Imago relationship therapy on couples. The research revealed notable enhancements in relationship satisfaction following the treatment, with the positive effects lasting up to 15 months.

In the realm of couples and group therapy, an intriguing new study has shed light on the transformative power of ketamine when combined with couples counseling. Published in the Journal of Psychedelic Studies, this study explored the effects of administering a “relational dose” of ketamine alongside Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) for couples and found significant improvement in relationship satisfaction lasting over a year in some cases. We review the key points of the study below.

A note on relational dose: Rather than defining it by a strict mg/kg dosage, the treatment team opted for the term “relational dose” to describe the particular ketamine experience they aimed to provide, based entirely on the subjective experience of the client. Clients were informed that the dosing goal was to induce a state where they felt an inclination to have an internal experience (a “k-hole” experience) while also being able to resist this and remain present to interact with their partner.

Study Design

This research utilized a mixed-methods design, engaging 16 heterosexual couples in a six-week group therapy program. Each week, participants received either an intramuscular injection of ketamine or a placebo. These sessions were followed by guided therapeutic exercises and discussions rooted in Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) principles. The Couples Satisfaction Index (CSI) was used to quantitatively assess changes in relationship satisfaction at various points—before treatment, after treatment, and at follow-up intervals ranging from six weeks to fifteen months.

Study Results: Qualitative Insights & Relationship Renewal

The qualitative analysis highlighted significant shifts in participants’ perceptions of their partners and their overall relationships. Descriptions from one participant suggested the treatment acted as a “reset button,” allowing them to release long-standing grievances and reconnect with their partner with newfound openness and compassion.

Participants experienced a variety of therapeutic benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced Communication and Vulnerability: Participants reported feelings of increased openness and vulnerability, which facilitated deeper conversations and more effectively addressed relationship challenges.

  2. Increased Empathy and Connection: Many couples noted a significant increase in empathy, compassion, and love towards their partners, which deepened their emotional connections.

  3. Insightful Realizations: The sessions encouraged greater self-awareness and objectivity, leading to important insights about personal behaviors, couple dynamics, and historical influences on their relationships.

  4. Mystical and Transcendent Experiences: Some individuals experienced mystical or spiritual events, or psychedelic experiences, which they felt contributed to a heightened sense of unity and transcendence.

Study Results: Quantitative Insight & Enduring Effects

The quantitative analysis, utilizing the Couples Satisfaction Index (CSI), corroborated the anecdotal and qualitative evidence, showing substantial enhancements in relationship satisfaction for couples treated with ketamine over those who received a placebo.

These analyses revealed a progressive increase in relationship satisfaction scores over time. Notably, the average CSI score at the final follow-up—ranging from 1.5 to 15 months post-treatment, with an average duration of 6 months—was 126.17. This score significantly exceeded the baseline score of 109.08. The findings indicate that the improvements from ketamine-assisted couples therapy not only endured but also enhanced over time, suggesting lasting positive changes in relationship dynamics and overall satisfaction.

Future Direction of Ketamine’s Use in Couples Therapy

Though the study involved a relatively limited number of participants, its results are profoundly significant for the fields of couples therapy and relationship counseling. By integrating ketamine-assisted therapy with traditional therapeutic approaches, mental health professionals might provide clients with an effective means to navigate relationship hurdles, enhance mutual understanding, and rekindle emotional closeness.

Future research involving larger cohorts will be essential to confirm these initial outcomes and to further investigate the long-term impacts of ketamine-assisted couples therapy. However, this innovative study marks a promising advance in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, suggesting potential benefits not only for individual participants but also for enhancing the dynamics of intimate relationships.

Read the full study here.

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