The Power of Group Therapy

Why Group Integration? The Research Speaks

In the context of integrating psychedelic experiences, group therapy offers a multifaceted approach that can significantly impact mental health outcomes. Recent research has underscored the value of shared therapeutic experiences, a principle we embrace wholeheartedly at Nushama.

1. Reduces Loneliness & Promotes Secure Attachment

Group therapy introduces a novel dimension to set and setting: connectedness – crucial for improved health outcomes by addressing widespread disconnection and loneliness, fundamental factors in mental health crises.

Loneliness is an epidemic. A New Gallup survey of 142 countries found that 24% of people aged 15 and older self-reported feeling very or fairly lonely.

2. Instills Hope & Positivity by Observation

Group therapy can instill hope, promote optimism, and allow participants to witness progress in others, fostering a sense of community and support critical for healing.

3. Is Accessible & Cost-Efficient

Empirical estimates reveal that group therapy can reduce costs and expand the availability of trained clinicians, making psychedelic therapies more accessible to a larger population

Group therapy, even without psychedelic assistance, fosters a unique environment for personal growth, resilience building, and symptom reduction across a variety of mental health conditions. This supports our belief in the power of collective healing and insight sharing.

Group & Community at Nushama

At Nushama, our members can attend as many virtual and live integration and group- sharing circles as they’d like at no charge. Our circles are more than just meetings; they are carefully curated sessions that draw on the researched techniques to create a supportive, dynamic environment conducive to deep healing. Here, you’re not just attending a session but engaging in a scientifically supported therapeutic process.

Your journey doesn’t have to be alone. Whether you’re navigating the aftereffects of psychedelic therapy or seeking connection and understanding, our group circles are here to support your path to integration and beyond.


Discover What Psychedelic Medicine Can Do for You

To transcend depression, anxiety, alcohol use disorders, and trauma-induced mood disorders, Nushama offers IV ketamine for an ego-dissolving psychedelic experience. A holistic path of mindful intention setting, ketamine journeys, and thoughtful integration in safe, healing-focused settings empower members to reset and reconnect.

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