Why We Prefer In-Clinic Ketamine Therapy VS At-Home Ketamine Therapy

Understanding why we prioritize in-person experiences is key to appreciating the depth and safety of our members’ transformative journeys.

Why In-Clinic Ketamine Therapy at Nushama?

While exploring ketamine therapy options, it’s crucial to understand why in-person administration is generally regarded as safer
and more effective than at-home options. In a clinical setting, people benefit from professional supervision and safety,
minimizing risks and adverse effects, while providing peace of mind for our members and their families.

Key factors that make in-person ketamine therapy at Nushama a preferred choice for those seeking safe and effective mental health treatment:

  1. Expert Supervision: Our in-person treatments are overseen by medical professionals trained in ketamine administration, ensuring safety and the ability to respond immediately to any concerns.
  2. Tailored Treatment Plans: We create individualized treatment plans based on comprehensive assessments, ensuring each member receives the optimal dose and approach for their specific needs.
  3. Controlled Setting in a Serene Environment: Crucial for the therapeutic process, we eliminate distractions that can arise in less-supervised settings —we foster peace of mind for a calming, nurturing container.
  4. Integration Support: Before and after every journey, our team offers essential integration support, helping members set intentions and then process their experiences, applying insights to their daily lives.
  5. Safety Protocols: Rigorous safety protocols, including pre-treatment screening and continuous monitoring during sessions, are central to our approach, offering a level of care and attention that is challenging to replicate outside a clinical setting.

At Nushama, we are committed to providing safe, responsible, and effective ketamine therapy. We offer both IV and nasal ketamine treatments, administered in a controlled, supportive environment by trained professionals.


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To transcend depression, anxiety, alcohol use disorders, and trauma-induced mood disorders, Nushama offers IV ketamine for an ego-dissolving psychedelic experience. A holistic path of mindful intention setting, ketamine journeys, and thoughtful integration in safe, healing-focused settings empower members to reset and reconnect.

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