LIVE Q&A | AUGUST 2, 2022


Have you seen NETFLIX’s new docuseries How to Change Your Mind?

It follows best-selling author Michael Pollan, exploring the history and uses of different mind-altering substances like LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, and mescaline, exploring their potential alongside the world’s most renowned thought leaders and researchers – including Dr. Ben Sessa, Head of Psychedelic Medicine at Awakn Life Sciences, a biotechnology company working with therapeutics to treat addiction with a near-term focus on Alcohol Use Disorder.

This new NETFLIX series has already elevated the conversations around psychedelic medicine, and has raised important questions.

Nushama’s CEO, Jay Godfrey, will interview Dr. Sessa in an upcoming online event to discuss the relevant topics, the clinical trials that Dr. Sessa has been a part of, and how they work with ketamine, the legal medicine that is used for psychedelic therapy and is available today.

This community gathering will be offered at no charge, and all are welcome to join via Zoom:

Host: Jay Godfrey
Co-Founder & CEO Nushama

Jay’s fascination and exploration into the therapeutic benefits of plant medicine came with the realization that three years of traditional talk therapy was insufficient to get to the root of his stress. After reading Michael Pollan’s How To Change Your Mind, Jay subsequently worked with physicians, and shamans, reading dozens more books and research papers, and talked with thought leaders in the psychedelic ecosystem, learning how to help others in similar situations. Nushama was born out of Jay’s desire to partner with the most experienced physicians and business minds to create novel treatment alternatives and build the infrastructure for the future of psychedelic medicine.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Ben Sessa
Co-Founder & Head of Psychedelic Medicine, Awakn Life Sciences

Dr. Sessa’s joint interests in psychotherapy, pharmacology, and trauma have led him towards researching the subject of drug-assisted psychotherapy using psychedelic adjuncts. In the last 15 years, he has been part of scientific and clinical studies administering LSD, psilocybin, ketamine, MDMA, and DMT to patients and volunteers. He is the author of psychedelic medical exploration books; THe Psychedelic Renaissance (2012 and 2017) and To Fathom Hell or Soar Angelic (2015). He has recently completed research with Imperial College London exploring the world’s first MDMA-assisted therapy trial for treatment of Alcohol Dependence Syndrome. 

During this live event, you will:

  • Meet Dr. Ben Sessa, have the opportunity to ask him your questions and get immediate answers
  • Gain fascinating insights from psychedelic research(that NETFLIX doesn’t include but are surprising and helpful)
  • Learn the unique approach Nushama & Awakn take to psychedelic wellness programs with ketamine that have been refined by supporting thousands with legal, professionally guided experiences
This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to more deeply explore what research is revealing about psychedelics and have the opportunity to ask questions of a highly experienced and trusted scientist in the field.

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Time: 1:00 PM PDT | 3:00 PM CDT | 4:00 PM EDT | 21:00 GMT