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The “Hero’s Journey” Program for First responders and Veterans, and Financial-based Scholarships

“The work that first responders did during the pandemic, and continue to do now in service to all of us, makes them heroes. We are indebted to them as a society,” said Co-Founder Richard Meloff.

“Nushama believes in the evidence-led science of psychedelic therapy and wants to help our heroes process their experiences.”


“Healing happens in community, and we believe it can be even more profound when our members have a shared experience,” said Meloff. “Our group ketamine program aims to foster this sense of community for first responders and veterans.”

For first responders and veterans, Nushama offers the “Hero’s Journey” program, reducing its individual and group pricing to active-duty military and veterans, police officers, fire department members, EMT workers, nurses, and teachers by more than 1/3 for all services.

Anyone credentialed as a first responders or veterans may take advantage of the program by calling Nushama at (646) 394-9996 or emailing

Nushama will also give monthly financial-based scholarships for individual or group ketamine-assisted therapy protocols.

Scholarship Application