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Part of ketamine's efficacy is the amazing window of neuroplasticity it provides. A recent study has found that ketamine rapidly increases the potential for new dendritic spine formation (spinogenesis), with the peak effect occurring 2-4 hours after administration before dissipating by 12 hours.
Learn the basics of ketamine - from how it works in the brain and body, to how the effects are different by dose and route of administration, and how it's different from (and similar to) "classical" psychedelics
A new study investigates the impact of combining a "relational dose" of ketamine with Imago relationship therapy on couples. The research revealed notable enhancements in relationship satisfaction following the treatment, with the positive effects lasting up to 15 months.
How ketamine, an emerging treatment for depression, PTSD, and anxiety, could hold the key to revitalizing your sex life and strengthening intimate connections when it feels like the spark - or the spice - has dwindled.
A promising study has shown that ketamine can repair neural pathways damaged by chronic stress (in just 24 hours!), which plays a key role in its long-lasting antidepressant effects. We review the key points.
Migraine pain & chronic headaches are notoriously difficult to treat, but recent studies suggest that ketamine might offer new hope for those suffering from chronic migraines and headaches. We explore the most recent research & reviews on ketamine and management of these conditions.

Understanding Ketamine Therapy Transformative Approach to Mental Health Ketamine therapy presents a groundbreaking approach to tackling mental health issues. Unlike traditional treatments, ketamine therapy offers a unique perspective by leveraging the potential of psychedelic therapy. Through carefully administered ketamine infusions, individuals can experience profound relief from conditions such as depression and anxiety. This innovative treatment […]

A Powerful Documentary Following One Firefighter’s Ketamine Therapy Directed by Brandon Kapelow and produced by Voyager, “An Act of Service” explores the stigmas surrounding mental health within the conservative and masculine culture of the fire service. Emergency workers like firefighters face an alarmingly high number of traumatic “critical incidents” throughout their careers, putting them at […]

Recent Feature: Oprah Daily We’re incredibly honored and excited that Nushama was featured in Oprah Daily’s recent in-depth cover story, A User’s Guide to Therapeutic Psychedelics, exploring the current state of psychedelics for mental health treatment. The piece provides an insightful and balanced look at the rise of psychedelic-assisted therapy and the most commonly used […]

Recent Feature: MarketWatch Nushama’s co-founder Jay was recently featured in MarketWatch alongside industry leaders discussing the critical importance of medical supervision in ketamine therapy, and why Nushama currently only offers in-person treatment.  This story highlights concerns around at-home ketamine treatments and reinforces our dedication to safety. Jay’s insights confirm our belief that the best care […]