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Understanding why we prioritize in-person experiences is key to appreciating the depth and safety of our members’ transformative journeys. Why In-Clinic Ketamine Therapy at Nushama While exploring ketamine therapy options, it’s crucial to understand why in-person administration is generally regarded as safer and more effective than at-home options. In a clinical setting, people benefit from professional supervision […]

As we’ve turly settled into 2024 and welcome the spring months, the landscape of mental health and wellness continues to evolve with shifts that promise to redefine our approach to well-being. From the cutting edge of psychedelic research to the nuanced understanding of our biological rhythms, we’re witnessing a revolution that champions personalized, holistic health. […]

Why Group Integration? The Research Speaks In the context of integrating psychedelic experiences, group therapy offers a multifaceted approach that can significantly impact mental health outcomes. Recent research has underscored the value of shared therapeutic experiences, a principle we embrace wholeheartedly at Nushama. Reduces & Loneliness & Promotes Secure Attachment Group therapy introduces a novel […]

Ever wondered how an anesthetic became a groundbreaking tool in psychedelic therapy? Today, we dive into the captivating history of ketamine, a compound whose journey from analgesic agent to mental health marvel reveals the unexpected paths to healing and transformation. Let’s uncover the milestones and shifts that have propelled ketamine into the spotlight of innovative […]

After a ketamine journey, integration becomes the key to grounding and extending the insights and shifts experienced – it’s a way to weave the profound changes into the fabric of your daily life. Today, we’re exploring three essential techniques to aid this process: breathwork, journaling, and mindful movement. These practices bridge your transformative experiences and […]

Safe Medication Management Safe management of medication is vital for the overall well-being of individuals undergoing treatment for mental health conditions. Effective care requires expert tips for administering and tapering psychiatric medications. At Nushama, our approach is centered around prioritizing safe and efficient mental health treatment through meticulous medication management and tapering services. Medication Management […]

Breaking Free Ketamine therapy presents a groundbreaking approach to breaking free from alcohol use disorder. By offering innovative psychedelic insights, this therapy provides a unique perspective on addressing alcoholism and alcohol dependency. Through the power of ketamine, individuals struggling with alcohol addiction can embark on a transformative journey towards lasting change and freedom from the […]

Ketamine is a psychedelic medicine that holds tremendous potential for mental health treatment. Explore its classification as a psychedelic, its effects, and its role in psychedelic therapy. Discover how ketamine can offer new insights and experiences for individuals seeking alternative treatment options.
Discover the transformative power of Ketamine-Assisted Therapy through the real-life ketamine experience of eight Nushama members. Learn about their journeys and the positive outcomes they achieved.
The truth about ketamine for mental health. We debunk common myths and misconceptions, backed by scientific evidence. Learn how ketamine a powerful tool for treating mood disorders, PTSD, OCD, eating disorders, alcohol and substance use disorders and more.