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“Ketamine gives you an opportunity to see your past traumas, and then try to work through them. The integrators are amazing. Before every session, we would get into conversations about what the goal was and what I wanted to achieve during that session.”


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“I wanted to check out, everything I tried wouldn’t work. With ketamine, I opened up—I reset myself and my brain. I’m no longer feeling depressed. I’m in control.”


“When the pandemic hit, I was super lonely; I tried everything. After ketamine, I realized I had a choice—it was more successful than talk therapy.”


“I grieved for my childhood self, after trauma, when I took SSRIs and became numb without knowing that would happen. Journeys help bring you home. My life is starting over.”


“Ketamine allows me to view my anxiety as an outsider as if I was a friend helping me out. Afterwards I woke up without any pain, anxiety or stress.”


“I survived cancer but was dead inside. After ketamine journeys, I became excited about life again. Sloan Kettering saved my life but Nushama saved my mental health.”


“Nushama did a wonderful job with preparation. At first I was nervous, but the nurses were right there. Since treatment, I’ve shown more compassion to myself and others.”


“After a crisis, I used alcohol to dampen my feelings. After my final ketamine journey, I had this feeling of joy, that I am enough—and it sticks. Nushama felt very safe.”

Sue Ellen

“I do feel different and feel like I’m less worried about judgment. And that leads to being more authentic. I’m zooming out and seeing things from a different angle.”


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