Connected Leadership Program IRB-Approved Psilocybin Study: Webinar June 20th

Connected Leadership Psilocybin Program

We are excited to share an opportunity from the Nushama community! 

We live in a critical time. Global shifts are reshaping the ecological, economic, and social systems that support our wellbeing. Our biggest problems call for new ways of thinking.

The Connected Leadership Program supports an IRB-approved psilocybin study for business leaders facing an increasingly complex world. Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic molecule often referred to as “magic mushrooms,” which can cause psychedelic effects when consumed.

This program explores the potential of psychedelics to unlock greater creativity and resourcefulness for navigating the complexity of our time, and is supportspart of scientific research by University of Maryland faculty.

Psychedelics inspired Steve Jobs’ business strategy for Apple….Discover how this mushroom study and world-class coaching program could boost your leadership and creativity to create positive impact.

Why is the Connected Leadership Program?

Designed for executive leaders seeking to have impact in an increasingly complex world, the Connected Leadership Program explores the potential of psychedelics to unlock greater creativity and resourcefulness for navigating transformational times. No other program combines the potential of psychedelics to enhance leadership and decision-making with a distinctive coaching approach that blends transformational coaching with business acumen.

The program is embedded within the context of a scientific research study led by faculty from the University of Maryland and approved by an independent Institutional Review Board.

A cohort of 14 participants starts online on July 11, 2024 (retreat dates July 21-26, 2024)

Interested? Join the Webinar to Learn More!

RSVP to the webinar to learn more Thursday, June 20, from 12 pm – 1pm EDT.

Explore the science of psychedelics for creativity, leadership, and decision-making with Bennet Zelner, Ph.D. and learn about the Connected Leadership Study that he is co-leading with Rachelle Sampson, Ph.D. Also learn about the upcoming cohorts for the Connected Leadership Program from Program Lead Kerry Radcliffe and Executive Coach Luther Kitahata. Co-hosted by Marissa Feinberg, PR & Brand Director of Nushama, and Founder of Psychedelics for Climate Action (PSYCA).

Those selected will join the program starting online on July 11 and an in-person retreat on July 21. Limited spots are still available.

Interested, but can’t join the webinar? Fill out this form.


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