Ketamine Study for PTSD Shows Unprecedented Results (Pending Peer Review)

We’re excited to share groundbreaking insights from a major retrospective study of our data, which will shed new light on the potential of IV ketamine-assisted therapy for treatment-resistant PTSD. This landmark research—now available as a preprint and pending peer review—marks a significant milestone in the ongoing exploration of psychedelic therapies.

Given that nearly 1 in 10 Americans suffers from PTSD and 1 in 6 from depression, and with traditional treatment methods proving ineffective for up to 50% of these individuals, the potential of ketamine-assisted therapy as a transformative solution is more crucial than ever.

Study Highlights:

  • Substantial Impact: Conducted with 117 participants at Nushama, this study (pending peer review) is the largest of its kind, revealing that 75% of participants experienced clinically meaningful improvements, with 61% showing remission of symptoms.

  • A Novel Approach: Unlike traditional settings, our study utilized a psychedelic therapy framework, enhancing ketamine’s therapeutic effects through sensory immersion, intention setting, and a supportive care environment.

  • Comparison with Previous Research: Past studies have shown mixed results. For instance, a 2021 study at Icahn School of Medicine highlighted benefits, whereas a 2022 study at Yale did not find significant effects over placebo. Our study’s success underscores the importance of the treatment environment and methodology.

  • Real-World Implications: This study’s real-world application underscores the potential for ketamine, administered in a supportive and immersive setting, to offer profound relief even where other treatments may fail.

This research not only highlights the efficacy of ketamine in treating PTSD but also points to the broader potential of psychedelic therapy paradigms. With ketamine’s ease of use without the need for discontinuing SSRIs—a necessity for MDMA treatment, which the psychedelic industry is looking forward to potentially coming online soon—it presents a more accessible treatment option for many.

Explore the Full Study:

For those interested in a deeper dive into our findings and the innovative methods that led to these unprecedented results, we invite you to read the pre-print stage study


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